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Adarsh K. Verma is a research scholar at the University of Hyderabad. During his graduation and post-graduation programs, he was introduced to different aspects of human behavior and its interaction with the brain. By following the relevant journal articles in this area, he developed a keen interest in the brain-behavior relationship. Being with a psychology background, the day-to-day observation of human behavior intrigued him with the fascinating questions concerning risk behaviors:

  • What are the hidden factors that contribute to these differences?
  • How and why does the brain respond differently to the same risk behavior stimuli in different people?
  • To what extent can these behaviors be controlled by altering the involved mechanisms?
  • To explore the answer to these questions, he joined the Ph.D. program at the Centre for Health Psychology, School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad, under the supervision of Dr. C.V. Usha, Assistant Professor.

    Motivated by an insatiable curiosity to unravel the intricacies of human health, cognition, and movement, he is deeply engaged in collaborative endeavors with the Sensorimotor Plasticity Lab at IIT Hyderabad, India. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science at IITH, he delves into the psychophysiological and neural mechanisms underpinning these fundamental aspects of human experience.