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  • Psychological Assessment/Tools: Screening the Learning Disability, Screening for Executive Functioning, AIIMS Neuropsychological Battery, Mental State Examination, P.G.I. Battery of Brain Dysfunction, Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices, Advanced Progressive Matrices, Thematic Apperception Test, Stroop Test
  • Biofeedback: Using psychophysiological measures such as EEG and electro-dermal activity (EDA) to assess and monitor the current mood of human participants.
  • Instruments Handled: Memory drum, Mirror Drawing Instrument, Aesthesiometer.
  • Interventions: Cognitive Behavioral Intervention, Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation (JPMR), Exposure and Response Prevention.
  • EEG Training: by Gentech Marketing and Distributions, New Delhi, 4th July 2022 to 11th July 2022.


  • Project volunteer: Worked as a volunteer in a research project entitled “Developing Resilience and Entrepreneurship Skills in Underprivileged Youth Below Poverty Line” under Prof. SPK Jena (Applied Psychology, University of Delhi, South Campus) from January to March 2021. The specific gains of volunteering in this project include knowledge about project implementation, establishing rapport with the human participants, understandings things to be considered in any long-term research project, collecting data using an Electroencephalography (EEG) system, EEG dataset processing, and data analysis.
  • Master’s Dissertation: Master’s dissertation entitled “The Emergence of Antisocial Behavior from Adverse Childhood Experiences: Conditional Process Analysis.” It helped develop the ability to complete research in a pre-established time frame, higher-order statistical analysis (conditional process analysis), and learning about underlying psychological mechanisms operating behind manifested antisocial behavior during adulthood. This work provides me with an opportunity to present the paper at a national conference (47th National Annual Conference of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (NACIACP)) and get a “best paper award” in a scientific session.
  • Clinical Psychology Intern at Fortis Healthcare, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Delhi, from 3rd to 12th July 2020 and 15th to 29th April 2021. It involves completing an application-based assignment that helps get insights into improving the clinical population and self. The critical analysis of research papers during these internships helped improve paper reviewing ability for better research outcomes.
  • Psychology Intern at the Allysk Lifestyle Company from 16th March to 10th April 2020 involved data collection from human participants with different backgrounds. It helped improve my ability to establish rapport with the participants, a huge requirement for any researcher in psychology or a relevant field. It also helped me understand the research process where the general public is involved as the target population.