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Project Title: Event-Related Potentials and Cognitive Mechanisms in Specific Health Risk Behaviors


Phase 1

Development of Psychometric Measures

  • 1. Development/Standardization of Psychometric Measures
  • Developed and standardized HeRBs Gratification Control Inventory
  • Standardized Health Risk Behavior Inventory (Irish, 2011)
  • 2. Programmed experimental measures in MATLAB for assessing different variables
  • Response Inhibition: Flanker task
  • Orientation Bias: Approach-Avoidance Task


Phase 2

Psychophysiological Exploration

  • Exploration into electrophysiological mechanisms involved in approach-avoidance tendencies towards alcohol among heavy drinkers.
  • 1. EEG recording during approach-avoidance task among heavy drinkers
  • 2. Analysis of Behavioral and ERP patterns.
  • Results
  • 1. Significant interation between approach-avoidance tendency and group (alcohol and control)
  • 2. Significant modulation of ERP activity at O1, O2, Oz, and Fz during early stages of processing by approach-avoidance tendency across groups.
  • 3. Significant modulation of late ERP activity at P4, F7, and F8 reflecting differential conscious perceptual processing among tendency-based sub-groups.


Phase 3

Computational Modeling/ Intervention